Jababeka Golf & Country Club is a semi-private club offering a superb golfing environment. Located just 40 minutes from Semanggi cloverleaf in Jakarta. Jababeka is accessible to golfers rediding in Jakarta as well as those working and living in the surrounding suburb or East Jakarta. 



Jababeka Golf & Country Club, as one of the top-notch international golf courses in Indonesia, opens up opportunities for collaboration with tour and travel agents, to create a splendid and memorable tour with ultimate golf experience in Indonesia for you.


Along with the increasing number of golf enthusiasts and emerging market in golf business, golf tours have become attractive and profitable businesses to be developed by many travel agents. Some of the reasons underlying this include the fact that many golfers and golf enthusiasts are tedious of playing golf in their own country, because they are too familiar with the environment, and want to look for new experience and challenge.

The rising popularity of golf tourism also brings flourishing business opportunities for Jababeka Golf & Country Club, one of the finest semi-private golf courses in Indonesia. Since 1994, Jababeka Golf & Country Club has been welcoming golfers from all over the world, providing them with the ultimate golf experience as they play at our international standard golf courses.

Considering the increasing number of golf tourism visits to Jababeka Golf & Country Club every year, we have decided to open a collaboration opportunity for the travel agent that manages golf tour businesses.


Captivating natural scenery with cool atmosphere

Almost all golfers from golf tour groups from all over the world reveal their satisfaction after playing golf at the Jababeka Golf & Country Club. The captivating and beautiful natural scenery and cool atmosphere within this golf course have always become extra values that create a memorable golfing experience in Jababeka Golf & Country Club.

Challenging golf course design

Jababeka Golf & Country Club offers an international standard golf course designed by world’s top golfer Nick Faldo. Its unique green contouring course is deliberately designed to provide extra challenge for golfers. The accuracy of hitting the golf ball becomes a key factor to determine the victory on this course. With a wide range of tee choices, various water features and pin and hole positions, Jababeka Golf & Country Club offers more challenges to trigger and encourage golfers to use more diverse hitting techniques.

A whole set of recreational experience for golfers and their families

Besides its finest golf course, Jababeka Golf & Country Club also offers a wide range of recreational facilities and activities, such as outbound, swimming, and dining. Thus, Jababeka Golf & Country Club is more than just a mere golf course, but also a one-stop-destination providing a whole set of unforgettable experiences for golfers and their families.

Outbound activity with various exciting games

D’ Warriors Jababeka is an outbound activity with a wide range of fun games, such as paintball, flying fox, ATV, and climbing wall. This is one of the recreational facilities available at Jababeka Golf & Country Club, providing another activity choices other than golf with fun adventurous experience to be enjoyed not only by the golfers, but also their families.

Excellent location

It only takes 40 minutes drive from Semanggi Jakarta city center to reach Jababeka Golf & Country Club. Furthermore, Jababeka Golf & Country Club is surrounded by various accommodation facilities, such as Jababeka Senior Living and President Executive Club, offering a wide range of choices to stay during your visit.

A favorite golf course for executives

Currently, Jababeka Golf & Country Club has more than 500 members, most of them are executives from big companies within the Cikarang area, which are satisfied with the premium service and quality of the facilities.

Owned by Jababeka Group

Jababeka Group, as a leading fully integrated township developer in Indonesia, is well-known in Southeast Asia for always presenting the best products for the society. Jababeka Golf & Country Club, for example, is the result of the vision to present one of the best international-standard golf courses in Indonesia.


Create your own golf tour in Indonesia, personalized just for you! We will be delighted to assist in putting together a memorable golf holiday itinerary for your golf tour group – whether it is a buddy trip, couple trip, or family getaway.

If you need any recommendations, please refer to 2 kinds of tour package we arranged below.If you need any recommendations, please refer to 2 kinds of tour package we arranged below.

Package I

Jakarta-Cikarang-Bogor Golf Tour

Day 1:

Play golf at Jababeka Golf & Country Club and visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

Day 2:

Play golf at Pondok Indah Golf & Country Club and visit the Fantasy World (Dufan).

Day 3:

Play golf at Emerald Golf Club Bogor and visit Bogor Safari Park.

Package II

Cikarang Golf Tour

Day 1:

Play golf at Jababeka Golf & Country Club, play paintball and flying fox at D’ Warriors.

Day 2:

Play golf at Halim Golf Course and visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

Day 3:

Play golf at Suvarna Jakarta Golf Club and visit the National Monument (Monas) and other museums.


Golf course with finest quality grass

"Jababeka Golf & Country Club manages the golf course every day to maintain the quality of grass."

Comprehensive supporting facilities

"Jababeka Golf & Country Club is equipped with a swimming pool, golf cart, male and female caddy service, locker room, tennis court, karaoke, spa and massage service, and meeting venue."

Golf equipment rental

"Jababeka Golf & Country Club provides golf equipment rental at affordable prices."

Golf equipment store

"A golf equipment store is provided to cater to the needs of golfers."

Driving range

"Jababeka Golf & Country Club provides a Driving Range with 18 holes and 72 par."

International standard restaurant

" The Jababeka Golf Restaurant serves a diverse range of delicacies such as local, Western, Korean, Chinese and Japanese dishes."


If you think Jababeka Golf & Country Club is the right choice to be your golf tour destination, please contact us by filling out the data below.

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