A Nick Faldo design opened in 1996 with 18 championship holes and a par of 72. The course boasts fine standards of presentation and the layout offers a challenge to all golfers.

 Tee Boxes Length
GoldProfessional6,589 meters
BlueChampion6,142 meters
WhiteMen’s regulation5,624 meters
RedLady’s regulation4,861 meters

A bonus hole for long hitters. Drive the ball to the right of the bunker, so that the second shot will be from a more open position.

On this hole, golfers can drive the ball straight onto the green. You may see bunkers on the right and left side of the fairway.

It’s difficult to hit your second shot as the fairway is surrounded by bunkers and challenging water obstacles. Get a grip on your favorite club to reach the green.

Obstacles are positioned on both sides of the green on this par 4. Be careful, because if your approach shot lacks accuracy the ball will land into a lake or bunker.

Beware of the bunkers positioned very close to the green and try to avoid being caught between bunkers. A good hole to test your flop shot.

With a distance of 199 meters and bunkers positioned around the green, many golfers opt to hit a straight drive towards the green, which often results in being trapped by a bunker on the left side. It is advisable to direct your swing to the right of the green.

This Par 5 right dogleg hole will have you ponder the right strategy that should also take the long lake hazard into account.

With 373 meters from the tee box and quite difficult terrain, golfers are advised to drive to the center fairway.

Is one of the more difficult holes because its length. Golfers should take the center fairway to the green.

With a distance of 363 meters to pin, golfers are advised to steer to the right of the green on the approach shot because the ball tends to roll towards the left.

The easiest hole with a handicap of 18 and a distance of 349 meters. But on the second shot do not get stuck in a bunker located on the right.

When teeing off, golfers are advised to direct the ball to the right of the bunker. For the second shot with a distance of 170-180 meters to the pin, golfers are expected to give a good long iron swing.

Hole 13 is a favorite hole because of its open field terrain. Here, the only obstacle is the bunker before the green.

A hole where golfers are strongly advised to direct the ball to the center position on the drive and towards the fairway left from the bunker on the second shot. So it would be more open at the time of three shots.

Key hurdles at the Par 4 hole 15 is, in addition to distance, the level of difficulty golfers experience in directing the ball because the green is located in between two bunkers.

Par 5 with a distance of 460 meters: a challenge for long hitters to hit a birdie. Focus on avoiding the water that is located just past the middle when teeing off and your the second shot must reach the green. Upon reaching the green, which is very steep mind you, you should be able to secure your putt with two strokes.

Is one of the holes that is relatively easy. The only obstacle lies in the bunker on the right in front of the green. On hole 17 there are a lot of golfers who believe that they can reach the green from the tee off.

On this left dogleg hole you are advised to direct your shot between the bunkers. On your second shot, you should be 140 meters from pin. Pick your 7 or 8 iron to reach the green.

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